Why IKSC ?

• IKSC is a pioneer of psychometric test specially designed for Indians considering their values and ethics.
• Career counselling to explore students aptitude, skills and a preference for a given career. This is done according to      the results of the psychometric test.
• Providing training in various domains of Aerospace & Aeronautical engineering.
• Transforming candidates from eligibility to employable.
• It is an e-learning institute with appropriate skills repository available for aspiring engineers.
• Partner and authorised training center of global companies like Cradel, Midas, MSC, Altair and PTC.

Career Counseling:
Counseling to understand potential areas of improvement.

Knowledge Training:
Domain specific knowledge training for engineering, MBA and school students from vastly experienced industry experts.

Transforming candidates from Eligible candidates to Employable professionals.

Career Landscape


For Engineering Professional
For MBA Professional
For School Student

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