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Capgemini Global Engineering Services

From product design to prototyping, our +800 engineers in India and +5,000 engineers worldwide offer a full range of engineering services to improve your bottom line since 20 years of engineering experience and Sogeti’s dedicated R&D                                                                center and High Tech labs.
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Jaguar Land Rover Hires Dec 2014

Jaguar Land Rover is a business built around two great British car brands with exceptional design and engineering capabilities. Jaguar Land Rover’s manufacturing facilities are in the UK.Hired 2 graduate engineers trained in Automotive Crash                                                                analysis from IKSC Readmore...

Kohler Power System

With 52 locations on six continents, Kohler is looking for talented, courageous and creative minds in every corner of the world. Hired 4 graduate Design engineers from IKSC                                                                     ...


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