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Product: Modelling & Visualisation
Modules Name: HyperMesh
Description: Altair HyperMesh is a high-performance finite-element pre-processor that provides a highly interactive and visual environment to analyze product design performance. With the broadest set of direct interfaces to commercial CAD and CAE systems and a rich suite of easy-to-use tools to build and edit CAE models, HyperMesh provides a proven, consistent analysis platform for the entire enterpris

Product: Modelling & Visualisation
Modules: HyperView
Description: Altair® HyperView® is a complete post-processing and visualization environment for finite-element analysis (FEA), multi-body system simulation, digital video and engineering data. Amazingly fast 3D graphics, open architecture design and unparalleled functionality, set a new standard for speed and integration of CAE results post-processing. Coupling these features with HyperView’s advanced process automation tools dramatically improves results visualization, correlation, and reporting.

Product: Modelling & Visualisation
Modules Name: HyperView Player
Description: Altair HyperView Player is a web browser plug-in and stand-alone viewer for visualizing and sharing 3D CAE models and simulation results providing a collaborative solution for enterprise-wide product data visualization throughout the design and development process. It enables users to display and manipulate 3D results and CAE animations directly in PowerPoint presentations. This makes HyperView Player the ideal solution for communicating analytical results effectively among analysts, test engineers, tool and die makers, product design engineers, and product managers.

Product: Modelling & Visualisation
Modules Name: HyperGraph
Description: Altair® HyperGraph® is a powerful data analysis and plotting tool with interfaces to many popular file formats. Its intuitive interface and sophisticated math engine make it easy to process even the most complex mathematical expressions. HyperGraph combines these features with high-quality presentation output and customization capabilities to create a complete data analysis system for any organization.

Product: Modelling & Visualisation
Modules Name: HyperCrash
Description: HyperCrash™ is a highly tuned pre-processing technology specifically designed to automate the creation of high-fidelity models for crash analysis and safety evaluation. Through a comprehensive and procedure-oriented toolset, HyperCrash improves and simplifies complex problems of creating a quality crash mod

Product: Modelling & Visualisation
Modules Name: MotionView
Description: MotionView is a user-friendly and intuitive multibody systems modelling environment. Its built-in parametric modelling capability and open architecture allows users to quickly build, analyze, and improve mechanical system designs even before physical prototypes are available. Coupled with a next generation solver in MotionSolve, MotionView provides a perfect solution for your multibody dynamics simulation needs.

Product: Modelling & Visualisation
Modules Name: HyperMatch
Description: HyperMath is a general-purpose numerical computing environment that allows customers to easily develop and perform custom mathematical operations on various types of data, including data associated with CAE pre- and post-processing. This new software technology includes a powerful and flexible programming language, comprehensive math and utility libraries, an integrated code development environment, data visualization and direct support of common data formats.

Product: Analysis & Optimization
Modules Name: RADIOSS
Description: Altair® RADIOSS™ is the premier finite element solver for linear and non-linear simulations. RADIOSS is used by top companies to simulate structures, fluids, fluid-structure interaction, sheet metal stamping, and mechanical systems. The robust, multidisciplinary solution allows manufacturers to maximize durability, noise and vibration performance, crashworthiness, safety, and manufacturability of designs in order to bring innovative products to market faster.

Product: Analysis & Optimization
Modules Name: OptiStruct
Description: Altair® OptiStruct® is an award-winning, finite-element-based software for concept design and optimization. OptiStruct assists engineers and designers in developing lightweight, structurally efficient designs in a timely manner. Using OptiStruct, they can deliver dramatic improvements in design performance and achieve product and business objectives faster.

Product: Analysis & Optimization
Modules Name: HyperStudy
Description: Altair® HyperStudy® is solver-neutral study, design and optimization software that streamlines exploring and optimizing the performance and robustness of designs. HyperStudy is a tool of choice for the designer and engineer who are tasked with improving designs, running what-if scenarios, correlating test data, optimizing multidisciplinary design problems or assessing design reliability and robustness.

Product: Analysis & Optimization
Modules Name: MotionSolve
Description: MotionSolve is a powerful mechanical-systems simulation solver based on a modern formulation tuned for computation speed and results accuracy. With robust solutions for dynamics, kinematics, and statics, MotionSolve provides analysts and designers with powerful capabilities to accurately simulate and analyze complex mechanical-systems behavior and performance

Product: Analysis & Optimization
Modules Name: HyperForm
Description: MotionSolve is a powerful mechanical-systems simulation solver based on a modern formulation tuned for computation speed and results accuracy. With robust solutions for dynamics, kinematics, and statics, MotionSolve provides analysts and designers with powerful capabilities to accurately simulate and analyze complex mechanical-systems behavior and performance

Product: Analysis & Optimization
Modules Name: HyperXstrude Metal / HyperXstrude Polymer
Description: Altair® HyperXtrude® is an engineering simulation environment for extrusion-die-design and production engineers to analyze metal flow and heat transfer during extrusion to validate die designs. HyperXtrude enables extrusion companies to handle a higher mix of complex extrusion profiles and still shorten product development cycles, reduce their production costs and improve product quality.

Product: Data Management
Modules Name: Process Manager
Description: Altair's HyperWorks Process Manager framework enables organizations to deploy such standardized processes. These processes not only can drive HyperWorks applications, but also are able to easily interface with third-party applications such as CAD and PDM systems, thus streamlining the design validation process.

Product: Data Management
Modules Name: Altair Data Manager
Description: Altair Data Manager is the most comprehensive product-performance data management solution in the marketplace. It allows users to capture, organize and manage data throughout the product development process - from interfacing with CAD/PDM systems and assembly management solutions to job submission systems. Altair Data Manager brings tremendous value and allows organizations to build the solution incrementally, thus minimizing ris

Product: Conceptual and industrial design
Modules Name: Surfacing / Freeform Surfacing
Description: Creo Elements/Pro is unmatched for developing and communicating stunning product concepts. It’s a truly open solution you can use to share ideas or refine concepts using freeform surfacing and reverse engineering tools. Designs can be sent directly to a rapid prototyping machine, or transferred to downstream Creo Elements/Pro applications.

Product: Detailed design
Modules Name: Detailed Drawing/ Advanced Modelling/ Advanced Assembly Design/ Sheet Metal Design/ Mold Design/ Behaviour Modelling/ Detailed Drawing
Description: With Creo Elements/Pro, design engineers can handle tasks of any complexity, easily connecting and accessing information over the Web – directly from the design environment. Creo Elements/Pro is the scalable choice for small and large companies alik

Product: Routed systems
Modules Name: Cabling/ Piping
Description: Designs for complex fluid and electrical systems can be fraught with inaccuracies and miscommunication. Creo Elements/Pro routed systems solutions offer comprehensive and associative capabilities for electrical, cabling and piping design – as well as manufacturing. Designers, packaging engineers, and manufacturing engineers can quickly design, route, document and produce complex harness and piping systems.

Product: Simulation/analysis
Description: To ensure that products meet customer expectations, you must be able to predict and accommodate real-world conditions, optimize your design accordingly, and share the results. Creo Elements/Pro simulation solutions allow engineers to virtually test product performance, drive optimized designs based on customer and engineering requirements, and make results available to both the immediate and extended team

Product: NC and tooling
Description: Tooling development and NC machining often trail product design significantly, resulting in lost time and money. Creo Elements/Pro NC and tooling solutions enable manufacturers to create tooling, NC tool paths, and inspection programs in parallel with product design work. By sharing and directly referencing Creo Elements/Pro designs, production and tooling engineers are brought into the process early and are able to influence designs prior to release

Product: CAD Drawings
Description: The 2-D and 3-D CAD drawings are divided into different layers and provide the most information. Through the IGES format, the drawings in further processing are particularly flexible.

Product: Area Information
Description: As an addition to the 3-D CAD drawing surface information is available for selected Vehicle areas in the form of STL data.

Description: Our compact data sheets give key data of the CAD drawings. They are created in PDF format and provides a clear overview of the most important measurements for the different views

Product: Data Sheets

Product: Reading Tables
Description: If only the numerical values, manageable processed quickly and easily be compared, we recommend our Excel files.By exporting,such as databases

Product: Photos
Description: In addition to surveying, we photograph every vehicle from defined angles. Thus, for each measured vehicle,a photo package from various standardized exterior and interior views.

Product: Stages of autograph-data
Description: Since 1975, we record data package of vehicles from our own survey. During these more than 30 years the technology has changed rapidly.

Product: Altered layer classification with the autograph in 3D CAD packages
Description: To make the lines and large sections of our CAD drawings as clear as possible, we take the one in front of a classification according to layers

Product: Adaptation of the autograph surve
Description: Adaptation of the autograph survey of current international standards. With the AG-NR. 1231 (Renault Clio) adapts the autograph Dimensions GmbH with its measurement process even further to the current international standards.

Product: Information for CATIA Users
Description: The Autograph Package drawings are both in 3D from 3D elements (the graphical representation of the vehicle) and from 2-D elements.

Product: SC/Tetra
Modules Name: cfd analysis
Description: is usability-focused software with the specific goal of easily enabling calculation of complex geometries. It provides both automatic mesh generation and a Wizard based interface that guides the user through the set-up process step by step. In addition to simulating standard fluid flow and heat transfer applications, SC/Tetra can calculate various phenomena such as Chemical Reactions, Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian for moving and/or rotating boundaries (ALE), Human Body Thermoregulation (JOS), Free Surfaces, and Acoustics.

Product: scSTREAM
Modules Name: fluid-thermal analysis
Description: uses a structured mesh to provide extraordinary performance in both meshing and computation speed. Its performance is maximized for applications that do not require precise reproduction of fine geometrical curvature to predict accurate flow structures.
The finite volume method is used for discretization which is common for fluid/thermal analysis. scSTREAM can solve a one million mesh model using less than 300 MB of RAM. Various useful functions such as a VB interface and a user function with tabular input are provided for customer user interfaces.

Product: HeatDesigner
Modules Name: thermal- analysis
Description: is a structured (Cartesian) mesh thermal fluid analysis software designed for electronics cooling thermal analysis. It uses core technology from Software Cradle's scSTREAM general purpose thermal-fluid software product.
HeatDesigner's performance is optimized for applications that do not require precise reproduction of fine geometrical curvature to predict an accurate flow flow field. Like scSTEAM, the major advantages of HeatDesigner are fast calculations and low memory consumption

Product: CADthru
Modules Name: Translator
Description: is designed to convert CAD data into CFD format. Modifications to the CAD data and/or diagnostics to repair CAD issues, is a separate process. CADthru can automatically create all the input settings required by SC/Tetra, and it outputs all the basic geometry data required by SC/Tetra

The Belarc products are used for software license management, configuration management, cyber security status, information assurance audits, IT asset management, and more. IKSC is thankful for the generous donation from BELARC FOUNDERS AND OFFICERS Gary Newman (President), Sumin Tchen (Chairman) and management of these tools to us optimise the resources and set up right culture amongst the budding professionals/Students taking training at IKSC

BelManage allows users to reduce their software license and maintenance costs, manage their hosts’ configurations and more. BelManage is based on Belarc’s Cloud architecture, uses a single Intranet server and database, and automatically creates an accurate and up-to-date central repository (CMDB) of software, hardware and security configurations.

Data Analytics
The Data Analytics Module is an add-on module to BelManage which provides optimization of software licensing and maintenance costs along with flexible analysis of your BelManage data. The Data Analytics module offers out-of-the-box licensing metrics for all major vendors products including complex server and desktop software from Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Adobe, ESRI, AutoCAD and others.

BelSecure helps users determine their IT security vulnerabilities and compares their IT configurations to consensus security benchmarks. BelSecure helps automate security processes such as FISMA, HIPAA and FFIEC.

Belarc Advisor
The Belarc Advisor builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware, network inventory, any missing Microsoft hotfixes, anti-virus status, security benchmarks, and displays the results in your Web browser.

Product: Adams
Modules Name: Multibody Dynamics Simulation
Description: As the world's most widely used Multibody Dynamics (MBD) software, Adams helps engineers to study the dynamics of moving parts, how loads and forces are distributed throughout mechanical systems. As the world’s most famous and widely used Multibody Dynamics (MBD) software, Adams improves engineering efficiency and reduces product development costs by enabling early system-level design validation. Engineers can evaluate and manage the complex interactions between disciplines including motion, structures, actuation, and controls to better optimize product designs for performance, safety, and comfort. Along with extensive analysis capabilities, Adams is optimized for large-scale problems, taking advantage of high performance computing environments

Product: Actran
Modules Name: Powerful Acoustic Simulation Software
Description: Actran is the premier acoustics software to solve acoustics, vibro-acoustics, and aero-acoustics problems. Used by automotive manufacturers and suppliers, aerospace and defense companies, and consumer product manufacturers, Actran helps engineers better understand and improve the acoustics performance of their designs.

Product: Easy5
Modules Name: Advanced Controls Simulation
Description: Dynamic systems, those systems whose behavior as a function of time is important, are typically defined using first-order differential (or difference) equations. Easy5 simplifies the construction and analysis of such systems by means of a graphical, schematic-based application, offering a comprehensive set of pre-packaged "components", stored in application-specific libraries, to simplify the assembly and simulation of such systems

Product: Marc
Modules Name: Advanced Nonlinear & Multiphysics
Description: Marc is a powerful, general-purpose, nonlinear finite element analysis solution to accurately simulate the response of your products under static, dynamic and multi-physics loading scenarios. Use Marc to tackle manufacturing and product development problems in a single modelling environment, with one solver.

Product: Digimat
Modules Name: Nonlinear Multi-scale Material and Structure
Description: Digimat technology provides design tools that give the user 100% confidence in their composites products thanks to an accurate description of the local composite behavior. Accurate material modelling allows one to reduce the "factor of safety" - allowing composite materials to used to 100% of their potential, maximizing their competitiveness against metal and leading to substantial weight reduction

Product: SimXper
Modules Name: Multidiscipline Simulation
Description: SimXpert is a unified computer aided engineering environment for product simulation that enables manufacturers to accelerate the speed and accuracy of simulation, increase design productivity, and bring better products to market faster. SimXpert accomplishes this by integrating multidiscipline analysis capabilities, the best simulation methodologies, and a high degree of customization all into one engineering environment

Product: Dytran
Modules Name: Explicit Nonlinear & Fluid Structure Interaction
Description: MSC Nastran is a multidisciplinary structural analysis application used by engineers to perform static, dynamic, and thermal analysis across the linear and nonlinear domains, complemented with automated structural optimization and award winning embedded fatigue analysis technologies, all enabled by high performance computing

Product: Dytran
Modules Name: Explicit Nonlinear & Fluid Structure Interaction
Description: Dytran is an explicit finite element analysis (FEA) solution for simulating short-duration events like impact and crash, and to analyze the complex nonlinear behavior that structures undergo during these events. Dytran enables you to study the structural integrity of designs to ensure that final products stand a better chance of meeting customer safety, reliability, and regulatory requirements

Product: MSC Fatigue
Modules Name: Fatigue Simulation
Description: MSC Fatigue is a FE-based durability and damage tolerance solver, and is the only solution that can deal with the full range of fracture and fatigue life calculations for static and dynamic problems in both the time and frequency domain

Product: Sinda
Modules Name: Advanced Thermal
Description: Sinda is a thermal analyzer that has been extensively used in a wide range of successful space programs including Astra, ERS 1-2, Gomos, Mars Express, Silex, Soho, and across multiple industries including Aerospace, Automotive, and Electronics.

Product: Patran
Modules Name: FE modelling and Pre/Post Processing
Description: Patran is the world's most widely used pre/post-processing software for Finite Element Analysis (FEA), providing solid modelling, meshing, analysis setup and post-processing for multiple solvers including MSC Nastran, Marc, Abaqus, LS-DYNA, ANSYS, and Pam-Crash.

Product: SimXpert
Modules Name: Multidiscipline Simulation Environment
Description: SimXpert is a unified computer aided engineering environment for product simulation that enables manufacturers to accelerate the speed and accuracy of simulation, increase design productivity, and bring better products to market faster. SimXpert accomplishes this by integrating multidiscipline analysis capabilities, the best simulation methodologies, and a high degree of customization all into one engineering environment

Product: Material Center
Modules Name: Materials Lifecycle Management
Description: MSC Software’s MaterialCenter – a Materials Lifecycle Management System – is designed from the ground up to link material specialists to mechanical simulation. A process and data management system, MaterialCenter automatically captures the data from integrated processes ensuring full traceability across the enterprise and throughout the product lifecycle

Product: SimManager
Modules Name: Simulation Process and Data Management
Description: SimManager is a Simulation Process and Data Management (SPDM) system that manages all aspects of CAE simulation with focus on meeting the sophisticated data management and processing needs specific to the simulation community.


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