Course Structure Description

• This is an advance course designed for existing and new users.
• Learn core vibration with an emphasis on the automotive industry.
• Comprehend topics like the basics of Automotive Engineering, load path, vibration and comfort, etc. It will include basic vibration- SDF, MDF, Time response, Frequency Response, Normal Mode, Random Vibration with PSD Input, Testing and its application and modelling techniques.
• In modelling tool the course structure covers modelling guidelines, quality checks, Mat properties and more.
• Software training on Mechanical, Adams, Motion View and more.
• General overview of various industry practices, regulatory requirements for US, Europe manufacturers included.
• Later part of course structure covers Problem definition, formulation, modelling, preparation and simulation.

Target Audience

• Students at an early stage of engineering analysis career.
• Students from engineering disciplines like- Mechanical, Automotive, Industrial and Production.
• Third year students from above profession can also go for this course.

Author is a subject matter expert from industry with work experience of more than 20 years.


For Engineering Professional
For MBA Professional
For School Student

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