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Capgemini Global Engineering Services

From product design to prototyping, our +800 engineers in India and +5,000 engineers worldwide offer a full range of engineering services to improve your bottom line since 20 years of engineering experience and Sogeti’s dedicated R&D                                                                center and High Tech labs.
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Jaguar Land Rover Hires Dec 2014

Jaguar Land Rover is a business built around two great British car brands with exceptional design and engineering capabilities. Jaguar Land Rover’s manufacturing facilities are in the UK.Hired 2 graduate engineers trained in Automotive Crash                                                                analysis from IKSC Readmore...
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Kohler Power System

With 52 locations on six continents, Kohler is looking for talented, courageous and creative minds in every corner of the world. Hired 4 graduate Design engineers from IKSC                                                                     ...


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