Electrical, Electronics, E&TC, Instrumentation Specializations : Wiring Harness / Cabling Design

Course Structure Description:

Automotive Wiring Harness/ Cabling design has been a prime importance in functional performance of a vehicle. Industry need expertise that will help them in innovative high efficient and low cost design. This course will help to use Schematics to create schematic diagrams for electrical harness, how to configure the catalog library, how to create functional block diagrams and block interconnect diagrams. This course is for those who what to stand out as a Electrical wiring harness design expert.

Target Audience:

• This can be learned at all stages of engineering career.
• Students of engineering discipline like Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, E&TC.
• 3rd year onward can qualify to take this course.

Industry experts with experience of more than 10 years.


For Engineering Professional
For MBA Professional
For School Student

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