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KNOWLEDGE BRIDGE: all hope to find it, few could imagine it, but we built it....

In pursuit of design excellence and effectiveness and as a tribute to Indian Engineering, IKSC Knowledge Bridge was set up in May2010 and is Nonprofit making organization with mission "India 2020", to help India evolve as engineering power house. To contribute in brand building like "Designed In India", "Engineered in India", and "Manufactured in India".

The idea of Knowledge Bridge is to complement and enhance the theoretical engineering foundations that the students have developed in the traditional curricula, with more practical knowledge - with the help of training materials that infuse real-world concepts, standards, case studies and projects, imbibing the 'practice' of product development. Our mission is to invoke engineering passion in young students for Product Design/Engineering, and thereby develop a basis for real skills and competencies needed by the industry.

We at Knowledge Bridge believe that there exist specific gaps between the demands of the workplaces engaged in development of complex new products (such as automotive, aircraft, machinery) AND the available skills of young engineers stepping into the industrial world. Knowledge Bridge plans to accomplish these goals by helping students through interactive training materials developed with the help of experienced industry professionals (Subject Matter Experts) from across the Globe.

We explore information, transform into Knowledge that becomes impart-able Skills that help individuals shape their Career


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