Product Verification :- CFD Analysis

Course Structure Description

• This course is designed for existing and new users . You will focus on learning modelling and analysis skills in the field of fluids. Topics include understanding the engineering basics, Hydraulics, Fluid flow, subsystems, assembly and flow path. It includes basic finite element analysis, its application and modelling techniques.
• On the Pre-processing tool it covers meshing guidelines, quality checks, material properties, batch meshing, penetration removal, etc.
• It cover in details use of tools like SC Terta, midasNFX. It would cover Analysis Deck preparation, flow path, energy balance, and Simulation on practical examples.

Target Audience

• Students at early stage of engineering analysis career.
• This can be learned at early stages of Engineering analysis career.
• Student of engineering discipline like Mechanical, Automotive, Production, Industrial
• 3rd year onward can also qualify to take this course

Author is a subject matter expert from industry with work experience of more than 20 years.


For Engineering Professional
For MBA Professional
For School Student

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