Product Verification : Crash Analysis

Course Structure Description

• This course is designed for existing and new users.
• You will focus on learning core automotive safety evaluation, modelling and analysis skills.
• Topics include understanding the Automotive engineering basics, subsystems, assembly and load path. It includes basic finite element analysis, its application and modelling techniques.
• On the Pre-processing tool, it covers meshing guidelines, quality checks, material properties, batch meshing, penetration removal, spot welding, etc.
• It covers in detail, LSDyna, material, contact cards, constraints, BC, control cards, and practice examples.
• An overview of US, Europe regulations,the 5-Star rating is included. Last part covers Analysis Deck preparation, load path, energy absorbers, and Simulation.

Target Audience

• This can be learned at early stages of Engineering analysis career. Student of engineering discipline like Mechanical, Automotive, Production, Industrial; 3rd year onward can also qualify to take this course

The author is a subject matter expert from industry, working in the field for last 10 years.


For Engineering Professional
For MBA Professional
For School Student

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