For School Students

Course Structure Description
• This course is designed for students from 8th standard onwards who are aspiring for excellence in their career.
• Focus on learning Basic Science, Mathematics subjects in a fun way to strengthen fundamentals, Human aspect,      Psychology, etc.
• Will get training on 2D, 3D CAD, Six Sigma, manufacturing processes, DIY, Home electrical, etc.
• You will get training on enhancing your productivity using Microsoft tools, Graphics, Video shooting, Editing, etc.
• Training on IT based tools like Linkedin, Facebook, Blogging, YouTube, etc. It would cover graphics, Branding and positioning, etc.
• Will also get exposure on Industry evolution, Growth, Globalisation, Practices, Design and development, New Technologies, etc.

Target Audience:
• This can be learned at early stages of studies. Student of 8 to 12th standard with any specialization can qualify to take this course.

The author is a subject matter expert from industry , working in the field for last 15-25 years.


For Engineering Professional
For MBA Professional
For School Student

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