Courses for MBA Professionals :HR Professionals

Course Structure Description

• This course structure is designed for aspiring and existing HR professionals from industry.
• Exposure to core Industry evolution, Growth, Globalisation, Practices, Customer needs, New Technologies, etc.
• Topics include an understanding of the Industry classification, Eco system, Industry basics, products, nomenclature along with major emphasis on customer aspects.
• Detailed training in Psychometric assessment & Psychometric analyst Certification
• Include Business Intelligence, Modelling, Planning and forecasting.
• Generating JD, Posting advertisements, Conducting Interviews & Skill assessment. It will also cover career progression and Planning.

Target Audience

• This can be learned at early stages of HR career.
• Student of BBA/MBA with specialization in Human resource 1st year onward can also qualify to take this course.

The author is a subject matter expert from industry, working in the field for last 15-25 years.


For Engineering Professional
For MBA Professional
For School Student

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